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Ann-Elizabeth, or simply Nusha

Her complex name reflects the diversity of her nature. Being very healthy and robust, she is rather discrete and independent-minded, nothing of the open affection of Tishka, her predecessor. Still, she is very tender by constitution, and she needs love and attention. Sometimes she just demands that somebody took her, and she would purr, and lick one's hands and face (that's where her second name, Elizabeth, came from: it has a short form "Lisa", which can be interpreted in Russian as "one who licks"). She is a princess, and she does not tolerate any improper treatment. Being dissatisfied, she assumes an amazingly perplexed aspect and starts to issue short weeps like: "Nu... nu..."; that is why she's been given her first name, Ann, which has a few dozen forms in Russian, and one of them is "Nusha" (one who says "nu").

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