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Annoying, importunate, meaningless, silly, impertinent, aggressive, destructive, antihuman...

This is advertising.

The very existence of such an absurdity demonstrates the inferior nature of the currently existing societies. A conscious person will never disturb the others without a very serious reason. Shattering people's peace and quiet, advertising is utterly incompatible with reason.

Advertising is expensive; it wastes all kinds of resources with no economic or cultural return, thus undermining the public wealth. The wasted economic and spiritual power could have been used to enrich the people's life, to solve the burning problems of today, or at least to cut the prices.

Advertisements contain no information; quite often they are built upon a deliberate lie. The technical tricks used to attract attention are directed to the primitive physiological reactions destroying any conscious thought and driving the minds to complete stupidity. Most people hate ads and try to avoid them. But there already are the corrupted souls who cannot imagine themselves without these spiritual slops, advertising becoming their way of thought and the only mode of perception.

In a reasonable society, advertising should be entirely stopped, including hidden advertising and self-advertising. All one really needs is information. A hundredth of the present advertisement expenses would be enough to set up a world-wide information network supplying any information needed without irrelevant noise and redundancy. The commercial usage of the Internet has killed the very idea of a public network for free data exchange. Search engines and online catalogs are flooded with advertising junk; their efficiency has fallen to almost below zero. Arts, science and philosophy depend on advertising, which hinders the development of human spirituality and eventually the progress in economy.

Adding to the absurdity of advertising as such, advertisements spoil the common products, or at least lower their value. The producer (or a distributer) tends to put the company's logo at every visible spot. But why should I wear clothes, shoes, or whatever, with silly inscriptions? What if I just don't want any letters on me? A perverted logic, once again. Companies pay to place their ads on TV, or in the streets, but they don't pay to me for wearing their logotypes.

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