The Abyss of Hope
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The Abyss of Hope

On March 20, 2003, with the massive American aggression against Iraq entering the stage of open occupation, the entire civilized world has changed. Nothing has left of democracy and freedom so much cherished by the bourgeois propaganda. Or, rather, the true face of democracy and freedom has been demonstrated, since these "eternal values" can be arbitrarily neglected every time they stand on the way to more profits.

The era of the absolute reign of American big capital has come. Nobody can any longer pretend to influence the world order, and no country can do anything that would not be sanctioned by Washington. Each nation has but two alternatives: either become a minor feud under the king's wing, in hope to gain some privileges, or join the exploited majority robbed of their national wealth and dignity. This is the climax of imperialism, and one can only hope that the transformation of the world into an empire entirely controlled by a single country will lead to the consolidation of all the anti-imperialist forces, and the national values will give way to the interests of the common struggle against the very socioeconomic system of capitalism.

The old opposition of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat has long since become global, with nations playing the role of individuals. The abyss between the ruling class and the rest of society is becoming deeper, and the class consciousness of the oppressed masses grows, as sporadic rebellions develop into a strong revolutionary movement. Let the bourgeois of all sorts shout about their class enemies using illegal means; there can be no legal means in the world where legality is nothing but yet another name for slavery. Today, any action that brings war to the territory of the United States and their supporters can be considered as an act of social justice. Any attempt to undermine the economic and military dominance of the USA objectively serves the supreme interests of the humanity.

Of course, no acts of violence can result in economic or social changes. Global terrorism is only an indicator of the social protest, and it is American imperialists who have unleashed the wave of terror. When the only possibility to retain one's human dignity is to die for its sake, it's no wonder that the army of kamikazes is so easily recruited. However, today, the primary necessity of the anti-imperialist movement is to develop an ideological platform reflecting the specificity of the new historical stage, incorporating the philosophical heritage of dialectical materialism and accounting for the experience of the Paris Commune and the USSR. One needs a clear vision of the goal, to act as a conscious being rather than a scared animal. To merely ruin the United States is not enough; this will only open perspectives for yet another pretender to the world dominance. It is the power of money that must be ruined, the existing economic order must be broken and replaced by the system without any property at all, neither private nor common.

The end of any empire is the same: it becomes washed away by the flood of human indignation and will for freedom. A new world will grow on the ruins of the past. The American empire won't escape that fate. And probably, this is the last empire in the history of the humanity. Otherwise, the humanity should better cease to exist.

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