Demented Democracy
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Demented Democracy

The recent decades have clearly demonstrated the true meaning of democracy. The war against Yugoslavia and Iraq, anti-constitutional revolts in Yugoslavia and Georgia, support of separatism in Chechnya and Chinese Tibet, economic and political pressure on Belarus... Considering the earlier feats of bringing Pinochet to power, separating Eritrea from Ethiopia, and feeding up the Talibs (to occupy Afghanistan on the pretext of struggle against their terror), the democratic ideal becomes quite unambiguous.

The idea of democracy is to neglect any legality and constitutional order every time they do not allow the capitalists of the USA and Europe to plunder the natural and cultural resources of other countries, while any regime that is convenient for the rich club is called democratic. Terrorism is welcome if it is in the interests of the boss. Any attempt to undermine the reign of neo-colonialism is said to be illegitimate and criminal.

The same colonialist technology has been used for centuries; today, nobody cares to disguise it. When the transnational capital gets driven off some country, this country's constitutional order is claimed to be dictatorship, and the leaders of the country are said to be criminals tyrannizing the people. The media start to distribute tales about them as human blood drinkers and flesh eaters, fabricating any possible nonsense in order to convince the dull majority. The layman's logic is simple: if there is so much noise about tyranny, and if at least a small portion of it has some grounds, the ill regime deserves to be thrown down by force, especially if, after the restoration of democracy, we are promised to have cheaper goods and more stability (which, however, never happens). The tales about the violation of human rights are usually supported by cultivating a "liberating movement" uniting all the sink of the victim nation. These "fighters for freedom" are well financed to organize any kind of destabilizing activities inside the country, and all sorts of provocative acts from abroad. If some of such renegades eventually get punished according to the law of the sovereign country, the international gang promptly canonizes them as sufferers, and calls for a saint war against the "bloody murderers". Finally, a mutiny is organized to replace the inconvenient leadership by a "truly democratic" (that is, completely obedient) government. To prepare the revolt and facilitate it, the country's economy is being undermined by economic sanctions and military intervention, so that the masses would be exhausted enough to accept any change at all as a chance for better life. Sometimes, establishing democracy requires direct occupation by the international armed forces, but this method is normally applied when the regime is strong enough to repel all the other attempts.

Inside the USA and the rich European countries, all the opposition has long since been tamed, and nobody dares to question the value of democracy (that is, just hidden, hypocritical dictatorship). The struggle of the political parties can never change anything since all the parties share the same bourgeois ideology, with the slight variations in the positions of the different groups of capitalists. The brains are washed to the degree of utter impossibility of associating truth and justice with annihilating democracy as such. In the countries with less durable parliamentary tradition (like Russia), the banning of the parties that aim at changing the political system is included in the constitution, and this is considered as its highly democratic trait. To compare, when the former socialist countries prosecuted those who undermined the socialist system, this was considered as illegitimate and anti-democratic.

To summarize, democracy implies satisfying the interests of the international capital by any means; when the same measures are directed against the capitalist dictatorship, this is called tyranny.

In the light of this definition, for instance, the parliamentary and municipal elections in Russia in December 2003 were an evident success of democracy. During the whole electoral campaign one never saw a single ad calling to vote for communists, while all the streets in Moscow and the public transport were plastered with the slogans of United Russia (the party of the governing group of capitalists). Whenever one turned on the radio or TV, the political ads of the right parties flooded the air, with not an instant for any opposition, though the opposition (including communists) had always demonstrated its absolute and sincere fidelity to the principles of bourgeois democracy! Probably, this will let Russia avoid the fate of Yugoslavia, but not the miserable fate of an American and European protectorate, obeying commands from abroad.

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