Humiliating Respect
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Humiliating Respect

The beginning of the XXI century has been marked by a mass campaign to change the public attitude to women's physiology. Things that traditionally were to be kept out of sight have received a wide publicity, and the celebrities all together have started exhibiting their panty liners and pregnancy nudes. This is usually pictured as yet another breakthrough in the emancipation of the woman and a sign of advanced rationality. We respect women for what they are, with all their physiological problems. We respect them for giving birth to the future generations. We respect their organic functions rendering them sexy. What is natural does not deserve contempt.

But why should we reduce a conscious being to mere organic nature? Does it really accentuate our subjectivity, our spirituality, to stress that we still remain animals in our bodily necessities? For a conscious being, it would be much more logical to emphasize the ability to overcome the physiological limitations, arriving to more universality. In this respect, the gender is absolutely irrelevant, and it is only here that the true emancipation begins.

To praise a woman for her pregnancy means to keep her for sheer female, refusing her the title of a conscious being. What can be more humiliating? The reason is given us to stop torturing women with their organic peculiarities, to entirely relieve them of their reproductive function thus introducing them to the freedom of conscious activity.

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