Logic for Idiots
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Logic for Idiots

The official declarations around the approaching American aggression against Iraq demonstrated a peculiar kind of logic specially designed to keep the already brain-washed population of the major countries on the level of intellect below any glimpse of reason. The principle of this logic can be expressed in four words: the boss wants it. No other argument goes, and all the assertions do not mean anything on themselves, their only purpose is to express the blind adherence to the will of the boss.

From the very beginning, since the strange tragedy of September 11, the new logic was thrust to the world by the American administration, which piled one lie on another, presenting them as the final truth beyond any doubt. With no even a trace of evidence, the US officials declared that the WTC had been ruined by Arab terrorists, headed by Osama Bin Laden. No other hypothesis was admitted, and the mass media had strict orders to popularize the official version. Alright, Bin Laden is well known to have long since worked for the CIA; probably they knew the instructions they gave him. The only side profiting from the act of September 11, as well as from the anthrax follow-up, is the United States, and no normal terrorist would come to that silly idea. Terrorists do not act for fun; they are not as insane as the pro-American media try to present them, and they always pursue certain material interests, little differing in this sense from the big pots of the Wall Street. What kind of profit could Osama Bin Laden get from undermining the well-being of the country, where his capitals are deposited in the same bank as the money of its president? Still, people are suggested to believe to this nonsense, just because it would be a convenient pretext for the USA to launch their race for the absolute world dominance.

But even if that had been an Osama's deed, what follows? Why should the USA kill thousands of defenseless Afghans instead of just catching Bin Laden and putting him to the court? Mr. President called that massacre the American revenge for September 11; isn't it the same perverted logic? This is as if, nudged by somebody unknown in the street, I decided to slaughter a hundred of mice in revenge, just because nobody will punish me for that slaughter.

And, all of a sudden, America has forgotten about global terrorism and made conquering Iraq their principal goal. Bin Laden and his companions are still in good health and wealth, but this no longer worries the USA, they are possessed with the only idea, to grip hold of Iraqi oil. Mr. President declares, without any proof, that Iraq has the weapon of mass destruction, and the world must take it for the reason to sanction the war against the country, which has never done any harm to any American, except, probably, those few who were so arrogant as to interfere with its internal affairs without any care about their own safety. There was absolutely no evidence that Iraq ever possessed any serious weapons; the world-best American spies could find nothing in several months of hard search, with all the possible assistance of Iraqi government. However, according to the perverted American logic, the fact that Iraq could not provide any information about its nuclear or bacteriological program (simply because such programs did not exist) meant lack of cooperation, and proved the nuclear and bacteriological danger from Iraq. So, the United Nations were heavily pressed to vote for bombing Iraq and killing a few more thousand people. The boss wants it. Does not that remind the medieval methods of the St Inquisition?

Even if Iraq had ever had any weapons of mass destruction, why should anybody care? It is up to each country, to decide on how it is going to defend itself and prevent aggression from the outside. There are many other countries that are well known to definitely have nuclear, chemical and bacteriological weapons. Why not start with somebody else? For instance, the United States of America, the most dangerous country of the world, possessing hundreds of nuclear warheads, tons of poisonous chemicals and all sorts of military microbes; the country that advocates aggression as the best practice for achieving its political and economic goals; the country that kills thousands of peaceful people all over the world every year and openly threatens to kill more... Why not start disarmament with the USA?

But the boss does not want it.

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