Love to the End of Doom
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Love to the End of Doom

Some people believe that love can come and go, following the situational nature of personal relations and external circumstances. They admit that love depends on the partner's qualities, and any sign of imperfection, like withering beauty, a bad habit or poor education, would weaken love, especially in the presence of somebody else, who seems to be free of these drawbacks. Presumably, love can fade away, or even turn into its opposite, causing various inter- or intrapersonal conflicts.

I contend that such opinions confuse love with something else. True love bears a touch of infinity; it can never alter, nor get moderated. Similarly, in mathematics, diminishing a very big number by one will produce an almost imperceptible change, but doing it many times will bring it to zero and even make negative; but subtracting any number from infinity won't change it at all, since infinity can never be exhausted by finite quantities.

Once found, love is bound to last forever, transcending the very limits of people's life. Do not confuse it with mere amorousness, sympathy, interest or inclination, which may accompany love, giving it a unique coloring. But the same melody is well recognizable in different timbres; similarly, love can take many forms, remaining essentially the same.

Love does not care for economic or social positions, for physical or spiritual virtues. It is never affected by the troubles of life or the public opinion. Love is the most durable of all human capacities and the best foundation for developing personality.

However, if one has to seek for love, if it is not present all the time, how can one expect it to last? Well, we know from mathematics that there are intervals bounded at one end while extending to infinity at the other. But I don't think that love can be limited that way. It does not emerge from nothing, and there is neither beginning nor end. That is why we usually say that one has to discover one's love, or meet it, or find it… It means that your love is already present in the world long before you become aware of it. Everybody's love is pre-determined by the whole arrangement of things in the world, never being mere coincidence. That is why love is often perceived as a kind of fate, an external force beyond human control; and that is why it can break out like a flash, in an instant, at first sight, at a slightest sign of spiritual affinity.

Still, one can never become a slave of love, since the very idea of love implies freedom and conscious aspiration. Love opens to the people their own infinity, the whole universe in everybody. This universality is incompatible with any domination; it cannot bear any restriction beyond free devotion. That is why love has always been a universal source of creativity. The very existence of the human culture, consciousness and reason, is hence a product of love.

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