The Mobile Haze
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The Mobile Haze

The appearance of various portable devices (gadgets) has drastically changed the general way of life. Instead of doing something in the special properly equipped places, one can sway the destinies on the go, on the fly, between two cups of tea, or two bridge parties. It is very convenient, when everything is always within easy reach of one's hand, ready at any wish.

But the desires are suggested by feasibility. One can read a book; but one can rather watch a movie, and any reading seems to be superfluous. One can meet the friends; but one can just send an SMS, talk on the phone, or see each other on Skype, and there is no need to go anywhere. You want music? well, there are tons of mobile content. Photo, video—you can always have them on you. A small box in the pocket can do today for preparing documents, sending requests, arranging the everyday problems, or buy anything.

The mobile resources, it's great! People always have something to occupy themselves. And there is no longer time left for thinking. One could fancy that various appliances would free lots of time—but it happens somehow that this time cannot be intelligently used. We need to play with the flickering pictures, to become familiar with the fresh gossip, to join yet another pop event... Just try to keep up all the chatting! No travel is long enough.

In this way, we may gradually lose the very ability of thought. At it would be right. An unhealthy habit. One could even wish to change something at any moment. Which is an obvious crime

So, let you fuse with your gadgets, little by little. Never doubt—it all is in the interests of the society. An ape with a mobile, this is already not exactly an ape, is it?

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