Strong Cowards and Evil Giants
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Strong Cowards and Evil Giants

There is a frequent opinion that a strong person will hardly ever offend anybody, and big men are usually kind-hearted. This vulgar psychology is used to justify learning all kinds of martial skills and survival technologies, as well as military training. It is said that those who feel themselves protected enough do not need to demonstrate their superiority, since their potential attackers would not dare to strike first.

A shaky argument, in the face of so much evidence of the opposite! One can observe everywhere and every day how the strong suppress the feeble and nobody would defend the defenseless. Take the recent anti-Iraqi campaign of the USA: one of the biggest countries of the world possessing huge heaps of the newest weapons, almost complete control over global communications and the biggest army with the longest experience of local wars—this obviously strong nation has chosen a small and loosely populated country for its victim, being perfectly aware of that no serious resistance were to be met, with no modern weapons at all, no regular army and no allies. Moreover, Iraq was economically exhausted by the decades of international blockade; its air defense was completely destroyed by incessant American bombardments for many years, its missile fleet was disassembled by UN demand, and all the military plants stopped to please the "world community"! This is like a two meter tall sadist torturing a baby child, having tied its hands and legs, to be on the safe side.

The true psychology of power reveals itself on the example of the USA. This is a coward country; they never hit without being well aware of their impunity, they use every opportunity to demonstrate their strength by killing a few thousand people far away from America, in a country that could never strike back, killing Americans on their own territory. The United States is a country that has no idea of honesty, conscience and truth, with the cult of force taking the place of reason. They cultivate their military muscles, they rob the entire world concentrating its wealth in American banks, steeling the brains and exploiting the others in any possible way. With every new victim, Americans become ever more inebriated by their military superiority, and they no longer care for inventing plausible pretexts, or verisimilitude of their lies. They just take what they want, with no regard for anybody's pain.

This is an evil giant, whose thoughts turn around robbing and murdering, whose behavior is all aggression, and whose intellect is reduced to the guile of a beast of prey. A pack of smaller plunderers forms around the USA (Great Britain, Germany, France), competing for the master's leavings. These are cowards too, and they bark and bite from under the US tail. They even can jingle with independence and make demonstrative gestures of disagreement with the boss; but when the boss spits in their faces, they only smile and happily lick the master's ass. They feel themselves mighty under the emperor's wing, and they are granted the right to rob and kill within their smaller domains, unless the master's interests are concerned. They do the dirty job of keeping the slaves on the knees, and they immediately appeal to the boss encountering a slightest resistance. The strong walk in gangs, for they are afraid of the weak and feeble.

Do not believe those who pretend to gain strength merely for self-defense. Strength needs to be exercised; it must be demonstrative to remain strength. From time to time, a new power happens to break the scull of the old tyrant and become a tyrant itself. This would change nothing. One master would replace another, and the slaves would remain slaves. The same animal struggle for dominance in the animal world.

But the day will come, when separate islets of consciousness will merge into something that will be stronger than any strength, and that will deny the very idea of power, dominance, or competition. The conscious beings will find each other and discover the way to neutralize any weapons the human animals may invent. And they will drive the gangs of strong and aggressive cowards to the safe cages, filtering them through a new education system and isolating the incorrigible. They won't do that by force, but rather with the smartness of their minds and the honesty of their hearts. This will be that Jack the Giant Killer, who will conquer the evil giants and bring peace to the tormented world. And this will be the last violence in the history of the humanity.

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