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Unism as a universal doctrine cannot be reduced to philosophy, but philosophy is one of its fundamental integral parts, and one certainly needs some general ideas to comprehend the unist approach to various applied areas. The illustration of the philosophical ideas of unism, as presented here, cannot serve as a guide to philosophy in general and the philosophy on unism in particular; it is far from any breadth and completeness. Still, just a little is better than nothing at all, and that is why I have decided to present the scattered notes as they are, without too much bothering about succession and congruence. The primary principle of unism is to do something rather than merely fancy it. So, here is a part of what could be done.

  1. Seeking for Integrity
  2. The Facets of Philosophy
  3. Philosophy and Language
  4. The Integrity of the World
  5. Aspects of Integrity
  6. The Hierarchy of Reflection
  7. Universal Mediation
  8. Universal Reproduction
  9. Hierarchical Activity
  10. Categories
  11. Unism and Materialism
  12. Communication
  13. Art, Science, Philosophy
  14. Synthetic Reflection
  15. Space and Time

Miscellaneous Notes

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Philosophy of Consciousness
Marxism and Empiriomonism
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Dialectics of Hierarchies


Philosophy of Consciousness. Fragments.
Introduction to Philosophy

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