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Once I had the idea of collecting the others' ideas about the future, selecting those that comply with my own views. Here, you can find the traces of that activity. Most pieces were borrowed from the books, and a few were suggested by the visitors of this site.

Most people wanted at least once in their life to peek into the world to come. Alas, the future is something we can only dream about, and maybe try to transform our dreams into reality. Once in a while, people become aware of something they do not like in the present, but very few people can imagine how it would look like if these annoying things were removed. However, a sum of individual guesses can become a vivid picture of the desirable future, and this idea might urge people on some practical actions.

Well, let us forget for a moment of the imperfection of our life and our thought, and imagine a perfect world, with a perfect society uniting perfect people... Just a dream of the time more friendly and comfortable than our today. Hopefully, it will come. We'll never know, anyway.

Facets of the Future

Economic Organization.
General ways of production and consumption.
Social Organization.
Social groups and relations between them.
Material Culture.
New kinds of commodities for the everyday life, new technologies to be developed etc.
Style of Life.
People's everyday life, their occupations etc.
Human Relations.
Do not confuse with human resource management.
This page is about true humans.
Mentality and Psychology.
How the people of the future will differ from the contemporary people.
Science, Art, Philosophy
Spiritual life and creativity.
Ways to Utopia.
The actions that can make the present society closer to the future.

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