Style of Life

Utopian Style of Life

Very low noise level. Accurate movements, quiet communications.

People are free to do what they like. However, any entertainment violating the peace of a neighbor is impossible. However, individuals can allow themselves practically any kind of entertainment using the well-developed isolating technologies.

No mass entertainment near the lodging places. No person should be involved in the other's action against their will. The very occurence of mass entertainment will gradually reduce to the historical restorations, individual occupations absolutely prevailing. Staging many-figure performances is possible in a special environment as a kind of a game or an exercise; normally, this does not imply any audience, mainly satisfying the needs of the performers. A record of the performance can be distributed to stimulate creativity in those who like emtertainment of that kind.

For a XX century person, that life may seem too unemotional and dull. This is because the major part of the emotional side of life is hidden, never made public. Emotions are shown in a strictly dozed way, only to those who is intended to know about them.

Cleanness everywhere. People try to keep their environment clean, and control any natural source of dirt. It is impossible for anybody to through waste in an inappropriate place, or pollute a public place. The individual lifestyle also avoids untidiness, which does not imply the necessity of a rigid order.

Air conditioning in the streets. Weather control to keep air pure and fresh.

Green streets everywhere: lanes, forests and fields. No wild nature, but rather a well-cultivated environment admitting biological diversity, with no destructive interference between the nature and the people.

People will love flowers. They will be able to entirely eliminate any allergic reactions and prevent the influx of insects. The beauty of flower forms and colors everywhere.

No crude and agressive fragrances, preference of delicate and refined scents.

Free choice of the place to settle. Moveable houses and towns, transportable household as a common way of life. One is easy to move, since people won't have much personal things, while provided with any transportation means required.

No rooms choked up with numerous things. All that is beyond the demands of individual hygiene can be borrowed from the public stock at any time. The exhaustible goods are delivered from the same source when needed, any reserbes become unnecessary. Still, those who like collecting things can do it without any restriction; the society provides the necessary conditions.

Global network to get any possible piece of information, or submit information presumably interesting the others. Efficient storage and search to quickly satisfy all kinds of requests without informational noise.

No mass media (press, radio, TV, etc). No journalism. Any information intended for public circulation can be taken from the global network.

Nobody tries to expose the other's life or exhibit one's private life in the public. No public interest to the others' private life. No gossip.

No event is considered of interest for everybody, and no information is flushed on those who don't need it.

Tidy clothes and decent appearance never offending the feelings of other people.

Simple and functional clothes. However, individual details are always welcome to express the peculiarities of the person or the current mood. Taste education in children.

Operating with things must be done with maximum care, trying to make them serve as long as possible. Respecting the work of the others in their products.

No wasting of products of any kind, and especially alimentary articles. Every thing must answer its purpose.

Life will be prolonged as much as needed, but easily terminated when subjectively expired. Birth and death are not considered as something remarkable; they are only two special cases of the myriads of possible conscious acts, never attracting too much attention.

No rites and traditions. Universal creativity.

Each individual can live in environment that suits whatever needs and desires that individual has. However, the people are reasonable in their phantasies, and they never do anything for mere originality. Modesty and care for the interests of the others.

People never consume more than needed, and everybody tries to be as economic as possible, but without too much self-restriction. If somebody demands something special, the others will never ask why, they will simply provide it, trusting the person's good sense.

No "official" holidays or festivities. People live in their own rhythm, working or relaxing when it is convenient. No crowds attracted by some event, since everybody can have all the information at any moment.

A rational calendar eliminating the traditional irregularities. Stable time units, with the same relative phases every year. New time scales introduced by space flights: solar system time and galactic time.

People never hurry. There is no risk to be late. No worry for a possible failure or mistake: the others will always correct it. No wish to do something by any means. If one cannot complete some piece of work in time, one will pass it to somebody else, being sure that it will be done in the best way possible.

Fast growth of children, accelerated individual development. Children are brought up in a centralized manner and included in the production process from the early years. No dwelling on the joys of childhood.

Everybody learns to preserve one's physical health and has access to all the necessary devices and preparations. No prescriptions needed for anything. No professional doctors. Efficient methods of recovering from any malady. People will rarely get ill, since they are accustomed to the due preventive techniques.

A universal language uniformly used within each planetary society. Different organic forms will require corresponding forms of language, but they will always be based on the same hierarchy of activities and hence people can easily adapt to a different language form whenever needed. Experience in changing one's body shape and adapting to alternative form of life is to extend the linguistic flexibility. In particular, everybody is capable of modeling the mentality of the past and learning the dead languages.

Language will be simpler and clearer, reflecting the simplicity of people's life.

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