Social Organization

Future Social Organization

Since no individual can exist as a conscious being without other conscious beings united in a society, there will always exist some social structures. However, in Utopia, these social structure do not suppress the individuality, but rather attenuate and enhance it.

The Utopian society doesn't need any special institutes to regulate all the economic and social processes. However, every specific kind of activity may require the formation of temporary hierarchical structures, when one person would coordinate the actions of the others. Still, the relations between the same people can be quite different in the relation to some other activity, and there is not coercion at all, only the understanding of the objective necessity.

No states, no governments, no classes or any other rigid social structures. Any social groups formed on a temporary basis in the course of some common activity.

No social opposition, or tension between any groups of people. People are never asked (and, in fact, never care) to what group they belong, there is no belonging to a group as a social institute.

No families, no marriage, no inheritance—as there is no property at all. People may live together if they find it comfortable, but privacy and solitude are indispensable rights for everybody. No need to raise common household, since everything can be requested from the society at any moment. No need to bring up the children, since they never know their parents and are brought up by the social institutes in a centralized way. People are free to live as they like, without being restricted by the norms of any social group.

No social institutes limiting individual activities. If one person is hindered along his or her pursuit, it hinders all the society. Efficient rotation of people in the society. Everybody may be everything, and take on every responsibility.

One is always sure to encounter no "speed bumps" on the roads of one's life. One's time can be rationally planned taking for certain that all one needs will operate as they should, in a timely manner.

The deviations from the common ways of behavior are not treated as crime deserving severe punishment. If the consequences of somebody's actions prove to be destructive for the society, the efforts are to be applied to the improvement of society, so that such negative act would become possible in the future.

To defend the society from the deviant behavior (if any) the social organization should be modified to minimize the very possibility, and quickly damp undesirable consequences.

All the people are equally valuable for the society, and everything is being done to facilitate perfect assimilation of any individual, regardless of their physical or social peculiarities.

The humanity is united through all the areas of its spreading on the Earth, in the Solar system and in the Universe in general. Different peoples and cultures are just the parts of the whole, and their differences only contribute to the humanity's universality, never leading to any conflicts.

No nations. The naturally arising local peculiarities never develop to the scale of ethnic differences. One common language for all the people, albeit in many localized dialects. The old national languages (like French, Russian or Chinese) are only studied to better understand the history of the humanity and enjoy the art of the past.

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