Mentality and Psychology

Future People's Mentality and Psychology

Perfect balance inside and outside, within an individual, between individuals and groups, between the individual and society. Self-control and adequacy of reactions. Special training in self-regulation.

People will naturally become more quiet and self-assured when they are no longer afraid of being mistreated or misunderstood.

No aggressiveness or fear. No thought about abusing or offending anybody possible. No defensive behavior, since there is nobody to defend from.

One does not need to refrain from anything as soon as one knows how to keep it under conscious control. Moderate pleasures of any kind, without specially seeking pleasures.

Emotions will be well balanced and refined. No blind passion. No outrage of emotions, controlled manifestation of affects.

Many feelings (such as hatred, envy, jealousy) will remain in the past. People will know about then from history, and they will be able to model them, to understand the past. The future will, however, be dominated by spiritual joys arising from creativity.

No destructive feelings. Every emotion is only admissible when it is useful for the personality (productive).

There is no need to hurry, one does not have to demonstrate anything to the others, confirm one's skills or justify one's existence.

People are patient and tolerant.

Self-discipline. One has no need to control the behavior of the others, suppressing their will. Every person is able to act in accord with the situation and the public needs.

No futile fighting with the objective circumstances, but rather making them serve the subjective goals. Making use of the positive moments present in any situation. Accumulating the positive, without dwelling on the negative.

People are attentive to other's opinions and independent in their acts and thoughts. Disagreement is considered as a social indicator of some problem that should be detected and solved with joint effort, collaboration rather than competition.

The others' acts and words are accepted without any suspicions. No back thoughts and hidden motivation. No need of lie, hidden meaning, allegories.

There is no shame or timidity. People may ask others whatever they need. The answers are always complete and sincere, but nobody is obliged to answer.

No forbidden themes. Talking about anything with maximum discretion.

People will always be friendly and helpful.

Reflection penetrates every action. The dominance of reason and universal objectivity. If one is inclined to follow one's feelings rather than rational reasons, this is a legal manifestation of consciousness, one of its objective forms, and it is accepted as such by the others. People will try to understand the other rather than criticize.

No person is considered as a property of another person. Everybody is free and may choose their own ways of activity. People never restrict each other, but practice reasonable self-restriction.

Nobody wants to be like anybody else. Maximum individualization, with maximum profit from the other's experiences.

No cruelty or malice. Mild and delicate attitude to everybody and everything.

New medication techniques for quickly recovering form any mental disorder. Means of remote treatment of mental disorder. However, mental diseases are mostly prevented by a system of socialization that would not allow accumulation of stresses and inner tensions. People are taught to control not only their bodies, but also their mental state, and there are numerous techniques to quickly restore the mental balance in critical situations without loosing the purposefulness and efficiency of behavior. The social control over organic development eliminates the very possibility of genetic influences on the integrity of the neural system, and the destructive anomalies are corrected on the stage of pre-natal development.

Love to one person will never come in contradiction with loving anybody else, with any social obligations or individual creativity. On the other hand, the society will highly value any love at all, and people will be very careful to never break the others' love.

People's love will belong to a much higher level than mere sensuality, mainly concerning the higher spiritual needs, stimulating creativity. Though sexual impulses may contribute to the overall picture of love, they can never play the dominant role. The body helps the mind, but never controls it.

People will respect the objective demands of the body and exercise it to ensure physical health and strength. Their mind will be in harmony with the body (of any shape to take on), and the techniques of conscious control on one's physiology will be learnt starting from the earliest age.

People will like working, but they will also be able to enjoy doing nothing. They control themselves and do not allow excessive work in a single area; most people will exercise as many different activities as possible. Nevertheless, personal preference for just a few activities is always respected.

No scandals. No agression of any kind at all.

Quick methods of formation and education eliminating routine memorization. One can learn anything without too much learning, in the course of their usual activities. In particular, fast socialization of children.

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