Human Relations

Human Relations in the Future

Relations between people, rather than representatives of social positions. Nobody is interested in the other's occupations or obligations. There is no such idea as social origin; in fact, it is the same for everybody. No importance in the birth circumstances or parentage (which does not need to be known at all).

No social distinctions between men and women, adults and children.

No words or acts can be offending; nobody intends to offend, and everybody is certain that no offense is ever meant.

There is no need to make any secrets and nothing to be ashamed of. Universal discretion and no void curiosity.

People never make their personal affairs publicly observed and always care for the privacy of the others.

No shouting in the streets. If something is to be communicated, it will only be communicated to those who need it. Nothing to do with secrecy, mere discretion.

Doing something, people will try to do it in such a way that nobody would be disturbed, or even informed about it without necessity. The society provides people with all the means of ensuring the privacy of activity, and encourages any inventions in that direction.

Unified language with a well-founded logical structure. Option for multiple "offshoot" languages adapted to speak of specific subjects. Earlier natural languages as a source of cultural associations.

There is no apparent difference between men and women; a visitor from the XX century might even be confused. In the far perspective, no gender at all, though one will be able to take any gender and deliberately change it at any moment.

Euthanasia will become a social norm, and self-euthanasia a common skill. People will be provided by the means of quick and painless death, and they will be free to use them whenever they decide to.

People never do something just to prevent others from doing anything. General discretion and mutual esteem.

Easy self-limitation when the interests of others may be violated. Still, everybody's interests are to be pursued through designing new safe ways of doing anything.

No need to lie in any circumstances. Consequently, no liars. Sincerity and truthfulness as a commonly accepted norm, without even noticing or mentioning it.

One is free to refuse to communicate with anybody if one does not want to. No need to seek for artificial excuses or explain anything. Any decision will always be understood and respected by the others.

People are accustomed to accept any information without fear or exaltation. No need to conceal the truth, however unpleasant. In fact, information will always be taken for plain information, without emotional connotations; no truth can be unpleasant.

Never attaching labels to people and deeds. There can be no absolute "good" and "evil", since everything must be valued only in an appropriate historical context. However, the understanding of this historical framework will make people aware of the social content of any action, and thus enable them to do as much "good" as possible.

People understand that their work would increase the general level of life, and willingly work for the society, never demanding any distinction or reward. This will be their nature, their way of existence.

No cruelty to other people or any other living creatures. Care for any form of life and supporting the delicate balance of natural processes.

When asking somebody to do something, people will be aware of the possible inconveniences for those they ask, and try to minimize them. However, there is no need of "compensation" of any kind.

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