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Hi! I am Pavel Ivanov. Do you really care for the name?

Formally, it refers to a person, male, born in the USSR in 1958. After a long and turbulent life, he's got stuck in the newly formed Russian Federation, where, most probably, he will eventually die (if not yet).

In his track record, one finds two years of study in the school #165 in Novosibirsk, an arboretum for future physicists, mathematicians, chemists, biologists and engineers. Then, after a period of working as a carpenter in Chukotka, a few years of study in Moscow State University, Physics Department. Unfortunately, the inner reorganization of the Department has prevented him from following his teen-age dream of studying the physics of space-time, and he had to switch to atomic physics to get his diploma. After a post-graduate course in the Institute of Spectroscopy of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, he worked as a physicist in the town of Troitsk, Moscow region (now included in the city of Moscow). In 1989, he was awarded the kandidat degree (a former Soviet analog of PhD) for a study of autoionizing states in atoms and ions. To make living in the conditions of a country devastated by the wild capitalism after the breakdown of the USSR, he had to leave physics for a career of a computer programmer and IT manager. He contributed to the activities of the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) from the very launch of the project in 1994 up to its closing down in 2012. Later, he worked as Chief Information Officer in the Moscow headquarters of an international holding. Of course, as many unlucky inhabitants of Russia, he would readily exchange it all for anything in a more civilized country.

The range of my interests was rather wide. Art, science, philosophy... Beauty in all forms and manifestations. Any glimpse of reason and thought. However, I have never been gifted enough to produce anything attractive. That is why I mostly was engaged in collecting, and this site was initially conceived as merely a convenient place to store my findings.

Paul Jones (often abridged to P.J.) was the first to settle here. A philosopher and a faultfinder, the founder of unism, a universal doctrine based on the principle of the integrity of the world. This has become the primary destination of this site. I present many of those who have essentially contributed into development of the new attitude to the world that I have awkwardly called the hierarchical approach: Leonid Avdeev, Vladimir Koren and others. For some reasons, these people could not always sign these texts with their own names, and I had to ascribe some of their discoveries to myself. History will forgive me this little forgery if the great ideas will eventually stay.

Later, a section devoted to Meraïlih has been added. I happened to have the most complete collection of his works, which has resulted in a kind of his official site. He rarely appeared on the Web in person, and I had to talk to the others on his behalf. That is why we often get identified. Still, we are quite different, and it is only a long acquaintance, and love to poetry, that has tied us together.

Then I have constructed a site devoted to the art and philosophy of Guy Levrier. This is a unique phenomenon in the arts, as well as a great personality, who died four times but has overcome death by the power of his creative spirit.

A separate site contains assorted archives of the trifle things on Maria Alexandrova. Once she was a brilliant ballerina in the Bolshoi Theater.

From the very beginning, I kept the site of my beloved Elena (Helen), who was the most beautiful of all women and the most sublime of all the souls that have ever existed. She was a model of incredible integrity, the unity of thought, feelings and deeds. She has never left any trace on the Web; she preferred to never leave any traces. But her life was all defiance to inert matter, a hymn to the human reason, the claim for love and beauty. Nothing could have ever come without her.