Unism and Art
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Unism and Art

Unism can be related to the arts in many ways. Its first and foremost application would be to discern between art and other forms of human activity, providing criteria for aesthetical judgment. In particular, this could give hints for both practicing the arts and artistic perception in a universal way, in accordance the very idea of conscious activity. In this respect, artistic creativity is an objective necessity and demand for any activity at all; unism supports artistry of all kinds as an essential part of the everyday life.


The Idea of Art
The Idea of Aesthetics
Philosophical Attitudes
Facets of Aesthetics

Special Issues

Notes on the Arts [RU]
Notes on poets and poetics [RU]
Notes on ballroom dancing [RU]
Bakhtin and Rabelais [RU]

A Hierarchical Theory of Aesthetic Perception: Musical Scales
A Hierarchical Theory of Aesthetic Perception: Scales in the Visual Arts
The Web versions of the two articles published in Leonardo, with a few misprints and over-editing removed.

Drawing and Music: The Universals of Aesthetic Perception [RU]
A Russian version of the latter of the above articles, with more stress on the psychological background.

Zone Scales as a Universal Language of Design
An online paper generalizing the above articles.

Directinal Scales as a Graphical Analog of a Musical Scale [RU]
Hierarchy of the Musical Rythm [RU]
Reports at the conference Electronics. Music. Light. (Kazan, Russia, 1996)

Scale Hierarchies and Culture-Historical Universality
A report at the International Symposium on Empirical Aesthetics (Taganrog, Russia, 1997)

Art as creative communication
Discreteness, continuity and hierarchical scaling in the arts
Hierarchical analysis of the structure of the perception of museum expositions
Reports at the International Symposium Interaction between Man and Culture: Information Standpoint (Taganrog, Russia, 1998)

Nonlinear Art
Report at the International Symposium Information paradigm in the humanitarian science (Taganrog, Russia, 2000)

The genesis of the scale. The matter of music
The book published by BODLib (St Petersburg, 2006)



Meraïlih [RU]
Helen S. [RU]
Modern Russian Poetry [RU]
Vassily Kubanev [RU]
Vladimir Koren [RU]


Guy Levrier
Beth Connolly


Maria Alexandrova (ballet)
Thomas L. Anderson (mixed media)

Meraïlih, Lectures on Theoretical Poetics [RU]

Kozma Prutkov: Fruits of Reflection

P.J.: On the Fly
P.J.: Selected Thoughts

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