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Contributions to KJF

The Karl Jaspers Forum, formerly situated at http://www.mcgill.ca/douglas/fdg/kjf, was a mail list maintained by Herbert Muller. It was originally devoted to discussion of the fundamental approaches to consciousness studies. Later, the forum has become flooded by spiritualistic and mystical writings, any materialistically minded people have stopped active participation, and finally, the site has collapsed.

This directory contains the copies of all my contributions formatted in HTML and PDF.

  1. Zero Science vs. Hierarchical Science
  2. The Science of Consciousness and the Consciousness of Science
  3. Hierarchical Reality and Consciousness
  4. Multiform Consciousness Beyond the Brain
  5. I Do Exist. Do You?
  6. Materialism and Reflectivity in Science
  7. We Cannot Argue If We Don't Exist
  8. Is There Anything at All? Materialism and Idealism in Philosophy of Consciousness
  9. Consistency and Freedom
  10. Logic and Ontology of Spitonitism
  11. Hierarchical Truth
  12. Information, Physics and Animal Subjectivism
  13. Better Late Than Never, Better Something Than Nothing
  14. Digital vs. Analogous Consciousness
  15. On Militant Ignorance
  16. Consciousness Studies and Marxism
  17. Cognition and Metaphors
  18. Metaphors, Universal Transfer, and Traumdeutung
  19. Science Without Consciousness: Collapse of Reason
  20. Practical Considerations

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