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The essays presented here are far from any fundamental research, this is nothing but an attempt to clarify, for myself, a number of issues that some would bypass as already clear and self-evident. Still, somebody else could find this particular way of arranging the generally known more suited for one’s personal needs. And, since certain remarks scattered throughout the texts characterize the approach of Unism to language studies, these notes might come useful to provide an impression of the hierarchical approach in general and, in particular, to illustrate its application to the problem of the formation of consciousness and the development of reason.

Historically, most texts are in Russian. Still, the very list of titles may serve as an introduction of a sort.

On the Roman Transliteration of the Greek Alphabet [RU]
The Idea of Phonology [RU]
Writing without Illusions [RU]
On the Nature of Language
Formal Languages vs. Interlinguistics [RU]
History and "i" [RU]
The Levels of Comprehension [RU]
On the Ancestors and Shadows [RU]
The Universal Language [RU]
Phonological Spaces and Pnonodynamics [RU]
The Structure of Inner Speech [RU]
The Rules to Rule Out [RU]
To Be More Rigorous... [RU]
Plato vs Copernicus: The Lessons of Comparison [RU]
The Phonetic Organization of the Language [RU]
On the Tempo of Speech [RU]
The Complete Schwa [RU]
Idiomatic Sense [RU]
Language out of Action [RU]
Language as Space and Time [RU]
Words and Sense [RU]
Ablautsanhörung [RU]
And All is Silence [RU]
Corpus et anima [RU]
Wisdom of Language [RU]
A Speech to Semantics [RU]
Languages and Worlds [RU]
What is Who [RU]
Scrap of Literacy [RU]
Talking Score [RU]
The Text [RU]
On Glottologic [RU]
The Mystery of the Russian Phonology [RU]
The Tone and the Tune [RU]
Interpretation? No problem! [RU]
Tongue brotherhood [RU]
On edumation and forcation [RU]
Language and Development [RU]
Us and Them, and Each-and-Any [RU]
Language therefore and thereafter [RU]
Linguistic Models [RU]
Frivolous Freedom [RU]

Sounds and Signs [RU]

Lingustic pearls [RU]

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